Interview With Alexander Korsak From Nu Nation!!!

1.who are some of your musical influences...?
First of all - Iron Maiden. I was 6 years old when my father bought me they vinyls, so this band definitely made me as a person and as a musician. I listen to a lot of music, so I can name Korn, In Flames, black metal bands like Dark Funeral, Behemoth, Satanic Warmaster, if we are talking about modern music then it will be Born Of Osiris and Whitechapel.

2.what type of guitars do you prefer to play ....?

I use mostly B.C.Rich Assassin PRO 6strings neck-thru guitar made of mahogany, it's my favourite one. All of my guitars have 6 strings, but dropped tuned into A# tuning. I prefer mahogany body because of the fat sound, and neck-thru or set-thru construction. 

3.can you tell us about the metal scene is St Petersburg Russia ...? 
Yes, of course. Saint Petersburg is a big city with about 6 million people. So we've got a lot of clubs and shows here, thousands of bands and I suppose hundreds of metal bands. But also there's a lot of shows of big foreign bands, so people aren't really interested in local bands. For example, in 2012 we played shows in front of 300 people, nowadays it's a good result if we have 70.
As for the bands, most of them don't try to develop, they just play in Saint Petersburg, maybe some other Russian cities and don't go abroad. Maybe that is why almost nobody outside Russia knows their names. But if you are in St.Petersburg, you will definitely find a gig to visit, no matter if you are looking for oldschool death metal or modern deathcore.

4.can you tell us about any of your show experiences...?

We played all over Europe, about 16 countries we've already visited. The best shows happen when you don't expect it. For example, once we came to Geneva (Switzerland), we found out a mansion with some punks nearby. We asked them about the club and they told us that it's the correct address. The club was in the mansion's basement, it was dirty room that smelt bad. We were confused about the show, but the people made scene, provide some lights, made a bar. A lot of people came, the room was full of people. It was one of the best shows we ever had.

5.can you describe your music ...?

Right now we are trying to mix everything that we like, to get the result we can't describe in two words :) If we are talking about the last album 'Insomnia', I think that you can found some nu-metal groove, hardcore, melodic death metal and metalcore parts, even norwegian black metal. I hope that people feel the dark atmosphere this album has.

6.what does 2016 hold for NU NATION ...?

We released the album and just returned from the big European tour. Right now we have to reach more people, as much as possible. In case that we are DIY band, we are promoting the band by our own.

7.can you tell us about who you are listening to or would like to share ....? 

Today I've checked out new albums by Architects and Dark Funeral. Both of them are nice. Last time I also liked Fallujah. This year I am looking forward to hear the new releases of Jinjer and Breakdown Of Sanity.